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"Who Needs Affordable Housing in Greater Cincinnati?"

"Who Needs Affordable Housing in Greater Cincinnati?"is a public education and awareness video that puts a face to affordable housing and defines what it is, who needs it and the various types of affordable housing that exist. The video and its companion discussion guide are informative tools to be used to facilitate community discussions around this important issue. To purchase this video, click buy now.

Video: Affordable Housing and People with Disabilities

Minerva and People Working Cooperatively

Minerva Lawson of Bond Hill hadn't had a hot water heater in two years. Retired and on a fixed income, she wasn't financially able to hire a plumber to repair it. At the suggestion of a friend, she made a late-night call to People Working Cooperatively - and PWC responded by replacing her water heater. She was very relieved to once again enjoy such a simple necessity as hot water! Little did PWC know that it had made a friend for life.

"The PWC staff is the best. When I see the PWC logo, I feel secure that my problem will be solved" she said. "PWC's staff and volunteers are always courteous, competent and professional. This is the first time I have had hot water in my bathroom in 24 years because of bad clogged pipes. Thanks PWC and Perry for the best job on my sink and drywall.

"Thanks for taking the time to make emergency repairs in my home. Because of kind, caring committed, people like you, PWC, senior homeowners like me can continue to live independently in my own home. God Bless you!" Since her service, Ms. Lawson became a volunteer and advocate for PWC. She has spoken to various groups to encourage them to "put uncommon effort into the common task" and volunteer for PWC's elderly and low-income clients. Ms. Lawson provides a unique perspective, having been the recipient of these services herself.

Eloquent, witty, dedicated, and kind, Ms. Minerva Lawson is a model citizen. She recognizes a need in the Greater Cincinnati community and does what she can to raise awareness and ensure that the need is met.

Dear People Working Cooperatively,

You bring good things to life for me and other grateful senior homeowners who exist on a fixed income. Without your help and volunteers who continuously show their love and concern for others (sometimes for people they have never met before) I don't know what I'd do. You have made PWC a household word, a name. And you build great relationships with thousands of captive audiences who desperately need and depend on the many services you provide. PWC, you have made your name known by your good works. You build and service circles within circles of homeowners. Seeking and cheerfully supporting those of us seniors and low-income families who suffer home repair needs. PWC your arms stretch wide reaching thousands of families to the far corners of Ohio and KY and outside areas.

Without you I would not have had hot water for my brother for long time. Unless anyone has gone without their hot water heater, they will have no idea what it means to have PWC, it's staff, it's volunteers, its corporate business men and women who think it's a good thing to show concern and kindness.

PWV you do what you do so well. Words alone are inadequate to express my gratitude for your assistance in providing a new water heater for us. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your thought, thank you for your good deeds. This time we won't have to heat water for 2 years. Keep on doing what you do so well.

Thank you for your kindness, Minerva Lawson.


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