Affordable Housing Advocates

Affordable Housing Advocates

    Accomplishments in 2014-2015

    1. Community Education about Affordable Housing

    • AHA/GCHC Report: "Critical Need for Affordable Housing in Cincinnati: Lessons on Overcoming Local Governance and Community Opposition."
    • Homeless Coalition's Speakers Bureau uses the AHA video "Who Needs Affordable Housing in Greater Cincinnati?" when presenting about homelessness and affordable housing.

    2. Preserving Affordable Rental Housing

    • In response to AHA and others, CMHA revised plans to demolish or sell public housing.
    • AHA works through its Housing Preservation Committee to preserve and improve HUD subsidized rental housing.

    3. Accessible Housing for People with Disabilities

    • In response to AHA and others, CMHA has new programs to increase accessible housing and provide reasonable accommodations.

    4. Inclusionary Housing Policies

    • AHA Advocates for incentives for affordable housing in new Cincinnati zoning plans and for elimination of zoning limits based on characteristics of housing occupants.

    5. Reentry Housing

    • AHA has renewed work with other groups to increase awareness of the housing needs of those with criminal records.

    6. Information and Advocacy

    • AHA and members of AHA have presented at public hearings and other proceedings on policy issues, such as the CMHA Annual Plan, the City of Cincinnati Budget for Human Services, Cincinnati Plan (zoning), etc.
    • AHA provides information to members and the community about important issues at the federal, state, and local level affecting affordable housing.

    Accomplishments in 2011-2012

    At the beginning of 2011 Affordable Housing Advocates (AHA) set goals for:

    1. Community education on affordable housing policy;
    2. Advocacy with elected officials and others on affordable housing issues;
    3. Advocacy to improve and increase the availability of decent, good, accessible affordable housing; and
    4. Monitoring local housing issues.

    AHA's accomplishments in 2011-2012 include the following:

    I. Community Education about Affordable housing

    • Created our public education and awareness campaign to address myths about affordable housing and promote the goal of affordable housing for all. The primary focus of this campaign is the faith-based community and young adults in the greater Cincinnati area.
    • The campaign describes the need for affordable housing and asks, "Everybody knows… Do you?"
    • Increased our outreach through improvements to our website and use of Facebook and other social media.
    • Participated in the Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit, providing educational materials on affordable housing advocacy and policy work.
    • Held meetings for AHA membership with the help of professional facilitators to learn effective methods of education and advocacy to promote affordable housing.
    • Held a community forum on barriers to housing experienced by ex-offenders.
    • Prepared our 2011 Housing Report: Opening Doors, a comprehensive analysis of affordable housing needs and issues in Hamilton County, Ohio. The report has been distributed widely.

    II. Advocacy to elected officials and others to improve and increase affordable housing

    • Made recommendations to the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority about its housing policies and programs, including urging CMHA to create a broad-based community advisory group, and proposing a diverse group of nominees for CMHA Board appointments who will support the mission of CMHA.
    • Participated as a member in the City of Cincinnati/Hamilton County Fair Housing Advisory Board.
    • In cooperation with the Hamilton County Reentry Committee, established a committee to promote awareness of the housing needs of those with criminal records; the committee set goals to improve housing options for this group.
    • Continued the work of our "Housing Preservation Committee," focusing on preserving good affordable rental housing in greater Cincinnati in the face of budget cuts and other challenges.
    • Commented on numerous issues of importance regarding affordable housing at the federal, state and local level.

    AHA 2011-2012 Housing Report

    AHA 2011 Annual Meeting(PDF)

    AHA 2011 Career Achievement Award: Susan Walsh(PDF)

    2010 State of Affordable Housing in Hamilton County: The Crisis Report

    2010 Accomplishments(PDF)

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